Boat Hire

We have a range of boats available for hire for a nominal fee. This includes 6 pacers, 3 herons, 5 Lasers, 2 NS14s, and 2 Tasars.

Boats are only available on Saturdays during the sailing season, from 2.30pm until approximately 4.30pm, when club support boats are in attendance.

Boat hire fees are $55 for day-members, or $35 for full members for each week’s use, which includes boat hire and race/nomination fees.

Do we have to race or can we just cruise around?
You can do either but if cruising you must stay within the race area so the Support Boats have you in their sight and must finish when the last boat has finished the race.

You must be able to prove that you are competent to sail a boat.

Hire a dinghy