Boats Sailed

Below are the boats that generally race in fleet conditions. The Club is happy to race any boats under 5 metres.



The Laser is a fibre-glass boat with very strict design rules which guarantee a Laser on the river is exactly the same as one sailing on the England. There are two other variations of the Laser for light-weight sailors – these are the M-rig and the radial rig. Used boats cost from $1000 to $4000.

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The NS14 is an Australian designed dinghy, that was first conceived in 1960 by a group of senior members from the Northbridge Sailing Club, hence NS14.

Class Rules state; “it is the intent to result in boats which yield close racing with acceptably high performance, without demanding athletic or acrobatic ability. The boats should appeal to crews (such as husband and wife and/or father and son/daughter etc.), who are not attracted to existing large sail area classes. As a secondary intention, the boats should be easily handled by two adults, both in the water and out, have stability and sail area, such that, trapezes are not required. Thirdly they shall be safe, reasonably comfortable, inexpensive and durable.”

NS14’s offer close fun racing and there are second hand boats available to suit all budgets.

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The Heron is a family-friendly class and we welcome all enquiries. The jib is small enough for a 5 or 6 year old to manage, and the majority of boats are sailed by Parent /Child combinations. As the kids grow, they take their rightful position at the back of the boat!

Perhaps you are looking for a dinghy class to introduce your children to sailing. Sailing is one of the few sports where parents can participate directly as a team with their children and teach them the sporting values they want them to learn.

There is a huge variety of experience in the  South Brisbane  Heron Fleet. Champions from other classes mix with first-season beginners; all sailing and learning from each other in a friendly atmosphere for all the family.

You can’t go past a Heron, whether you are looking for close tactical racing, or a pleasant afternoon on the water.  Competitive boats are available for hire (see boat hire) or for sale from $800 upwards.  Go to the  Qld Heron Sailing Association contacts page if you would like to request further information.

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Tasar is an acronym for `Totally And Simply All-round Racing’. The Tasar Dinghy carries two crew, although it is possible to sail her single-handed in light to moderate breezes.

The Tasar is a strictly controlled one-design class that is sailed all round the world, but particularly in Australia, North America, Japan and the UK.

There are now almost 3000 Tasars sailing worldwide. In Australia, the class is popular in all the states and has been used by the armed services for seamanship training.

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PacerThe club owns six Pacers, and these are primarily used as a training boat.  Members of the sail training program have free use of these boats through-out their course.  The pacer is a great beginner and intermediate boat which is suitable for 2 adults or 1 adult and 2 children, or 2 experienced children.

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MirrorThe Mirror is the World’s most popular double handed sailing dinghy, With its low price, light and seaworthy design that is easy to sail, the Mirror quickly achieved its objectives, becoming the World’s most popular double handed sailing dinghy.  The boat is 10 feet 10 inches long. The above is a slightly altered version for the annual pirate day.

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125The 125 is a 12.5 foot (3.83 m) two person intermediate sailing dinghy complete with spinnaker and trapeze, a boat for everyone. It has a design that appeals to the person wanting a piece of the sailing action without going overboard on costs.

Designed for easy owner building in stitch and glue, the 125 is a handyman’s dream. For those with less time, a fibreglass hull is now available, creating an excellent low maintenance craft. Second-hand boats are readily available and with a bit of attention can provide two people entry to sailing for less than $1000.

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