Boat Hire

We have a range of boats available for hire for a nominal fee. This includes 6 pacers, 3 herons, 3 Lasers, 2 NS14s, 1 Tasar, and 2 Access dinghies.

Boats are only available on Saturdays during the sailing season, from 2.30pm until approximately 4.30pm, when club rescue boats are in attendance.
Boat hire fees are $50 for non-members, or $30 for members for each week’s use, which includes boat hire and race/nomination fees.  You must be able to prove that you are competent to sail a boat.

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The club owns six Pacers, and these are primarily used as a training boat.  Members of the sail training program have free use of these boats through-out their course.  The pacer is a great beginner and intermediate boat which is suitable for 2 adults or 1 adult and 2 children, or 2 experienced children.



We have two herons. This boat can comfortably cater for two adults, or one adult and two children.  It is one of the boats of choice for its training fleet.



The club also owns four international Olympic lasers.  These boats are best suited to an experienced sailor who knows what she/he is doing and they are guaranteed to give you thrill.  Both boats have full rigs, and a radial rig for the lighter weight person.



The club owns two NS14s. This is a fast boat and for the more experienced sailor; the NS14 is for 2 sailors.



The club owns two tasar. This is an intermediate or experienced sailor boat; the Taser is for 2 sailors.

Access Dinghy:

We no longer have the Access dinghies, but interested people can sail them at: Whilst access dinghies are primarily used to allow sailors with disabilities to get on the water, anyone can sail these boats.

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For more information of each boat please see the boats sailed page

If you have any hire inquiries please send us an email at