Photos – documents

Wherever possible, Boats names plus skippers and crews included

125 125 Cherub
Magpie – Ian Kennedy & John Peterson – Nev Murray
Cherub Committee 1932 Heron
– Nev & Neil Murray Just Us – Mary Ann Pattison & Emma Rayner
Heron Skiff Skiff
Group shot of herons  The R.E. – Lew Fletcher Aberdare
Skiff Skiff Skiff
10 foot skiff – Serious – Lew Fletcher Data #3 – Brad College Memory – Keith Jones
Skiff Skiff Skiff
Valkyrie – Steve Fletcher  Carousel – Tom Cuneo Yachting Qld opening Day on the river
Skiff Skiff Skiff
4BC (Steve Fletcher), Quite Frankly (Dave Bird), Albert Smith Signs (Brian finniss), Royal Exchange Hotel  (Lew Fletcher) Breeze (Lew Fletcher), Memory (Keith Jones), Spreadeagle (Dave Bird) Leith – John Kennedy, Phil Smith,  Johnny Pryor, Hussain Fazldeen
Skiff Skiff Skiff
Breeze – Lew Fletcher
Skiff Skiff Skiff
Lennie J, Driftwood  – Gary Newlands, Lew Fletcher  –
Skiff Skiff Skiff
Memory – Keith Jones Quite Frankly – Dave Bird  Royal Exchange Hotel, Quite Frankly, Pepsi – Lew Fletcher, Dave Bird, Steve Fletcher
Starters Boat Trainee Trainee
Taffy – The Starter’s Boat Group shot of trainees Finesse III – Peter & Penny Fox
1961 Program 1941 Program 1915 Program
2nd Annual Report 3rd Annual Report
Second Annual Report Third Annual Report
Athenic crew Athenic Skiff
Athenic crew – (L-to-R) C. McLeod, A.Wood, A.Venamore, J.Robinson, B.Venamore ( Athenic – Arthur Venamore
Heron Heron Skiff
– Tom & Sharon Robertson Orchid
10ft Skiff Skiff Skiff
Serious – Lew Fletcher
Skiffs Skiffs Skiffs
Sandra & Quite Frankly – Ron Beecham, Dave Bird
Skiffs Skiffs Skiffs
Blkuebird – Monty Campbell Clipper – Bruce Blakely Carousel – Tom Cuneo
Heron Trainee
– Tom & Sharon Robertson