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What is happening around the Club?

<![if !supportLists]>·        <![endif]>Very brief newsletter this week – very, very busy.

<![if !supportLists]>·        <![endif]>We are very excited.  State High will be returning to the Club as a sailing school.  A teacher has to commit as support for this function as a requirement from the school & the Dept. of Education Queensland.  We have been fortunate to gain a number of active members, who have come through this process.

<![if !supportLists]>o   <![endif]>March 19th – free lunch-time BBQ to welcome the graduates of the sailing school; plus a lecture on “tides and eddies” by Mary Ann, and Council election voting.

<![if !supportLists]>o   <![endif]>April 15th tbc – Oxley Sailing Club have invited SBSC members to a presentation on the new Racing rules that will come into effect January 1st 2017. May 21st 6pm for 6:30 start Annual Presentation of Trophies.  Same format as last year

(I believe) including a sit down meal.

<![if !supportLists]>o   <![endif]>June 18th 10am – AGM – your chance to have an input into YOUR club. If you don’t tell the committee what you like and don’t like, then we cannot improve it. Think about joining in the running of the club.

<![if !supportLists]>·        <![endif]>Following a discussion between the President & the Commodore last Saturday, on April 2nd, their crews are going to skipper the boats for the second and third laps of the race.  Weather permitting.  If any of the other Division 1 fleet wish to join in this adventure, feel free.

<![if !supportLists]>·        <![endif]>To new members of the fleet – do not be discouraged.  Tacking against the tide (particularly on St Lucia reach), is difficult.  Not only do you have to pick wind shifts, tack lots and lots of times close to the bank, but also determine when to tack to leave the bank.  Persevere!  If you are an irregular sailor, try to pick a day when the tide and breeze are coming from opposite direction i.e. tide coming in, you want a south easterly or a southerly; tide going out, you want a westerly (well – maybe not) or a north-easterly.

<![if !supportLists]>·        <![endif]>I am heading to Tasmania in the beginning of April.  Anyone want to volunteer to write the Scuttlebutt for the rest of the season (2 weeks)? Please let me know.



Breeze:                South Easterly (ish) 8-12 knots St Lucia Reach

Tide:                     Ebb tide

Course:                Div 1 – 4 laps triangle Course

Div 2 – 2 laps cabana Course

Fleet:     Division 1:  5 Lasers, 4 NS14s, 0 Tasars

               Division 2:  2 Herons, 2 Pacers

Is this the new norm?  With units appearing everywhere on both sides of the river, of late we have not experienced what we would call a standard breeze blowing down the river reach with only 15 % deviation.

Before the start, we determined that we could sit on the line and stem the tide, effectively going nowhere.  So we were placed perfectly for the start – then all these interlopers came in and spoiled our party. One of the interlopers being a CityCat – I suggested politely, that he should move his big boat way from our start line.

John Nobbs sailed with Rob Henry and they were very quickly into the lead, being chased by Ryan, Nev, Robert and Adam.  Surprisingly Andrew & us were well off the pace.

The first work was hard in the sense you had to make most of the lifts, but not get caught in the middle of the river if the breeze dropped. Places were won and lost sometimes on the fickle breeze.

Personally, we believe we gave the fleet a 3 minute start before we managed to cross the start line, and then had to fight all the way for a very long windward work.  We tacked lots and lots of times up the bank, trying to use the eddies to keep us moving as we waited for a lift on the opposing tack to take us away from the bank.  On the St Lucia reach where we have sailed the last number of weeks, there appears to be a couple of areas that are proving to be difficult.  The West End ferry terminal is getting harder to get around with the wind bending around it.  The second is the perennial favourite (not) – the large fig tree just past the terminal.  The branches in the tree indicate there is breeze there, but when you sail in there, the breeze at water/sail level appears to be non-existent.  You have to rely on the eddies to get you through.

Nev eventually rounded a long way in front of us, Rob, Ryan, Andrew & Robert.

With a fading breeze, the officer-of-the-day (Dave Sherwood) made the decision to shorten the length of the windward work.  Good call.

While the margins may have lengthened and shortened, that is essentially how the fleet finished.  Ryan having to fight off a fast finishing Andrew to beat him by 2 seconds.

Coming Events

19-Mar:  12pm TTR theory – Eddies & Currents (repeat)

    1pm free sausage sizzle

                   3pm Fun Racing

02-Apr :  12pm TTR theory – Wind & Weather (repeat)

    3pm Fun Racing

16-Apr : 12pm TTR theory – Basic Racing & Rules

Important Times

  • Friday      6:00pm: Pre-Race registration closes, if possible
  • Saturday 10:00am: Race Registration closes

Need a crew?

Put an “advert” on Facebook


Please be reminded that when packing the club boats away after sailing, ensure that all sails and equipment that belongs to that boat are put inside it so it keeps everything all together. Also don’t leave until your boat has been put away.  Make sure you put the sails etc into the correct bags when packing away.

Volunteers – Last week 12 Mar

Taffy         :  David Sherwood

Abedare  :  Robert Graham, Paul Hamilton

Finishing  :  Margot Henry, Bill Rochaix

Volunteers – Next week 19 Mar

Taffy         :   Dave Sherwood & Bill Rochaix

Abedare  :

Finishing  :


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