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Australian Sailing recognises that privacy is important and providing personal information is an act of trust. Australian Sailing takes that seriously, and will manage your Information only in accordance with its Privacy Policy available at: https://www.sailing.org.au/about/privacy-policy/

Individuals must promptly advise their Affiliated Club of any change of name, address or other relevant identification and contact details, either in writing or electronically.

Individuals acknowledge and consent to Australian Sailing’s use of their personal information for the purpose of sending electronically or by other means, newsletters from Australian Sailing and Affiliated Clubs, which may include information of sponsors or other third parties.

South Brisbane Sailing Club

  1. I acknowledge that South Brisbane Sailing Club Inc. (also referred to herein as the ”Club” or “SBSC”) membership issued via this web site is provisional and is subject to (a) approval by the SBSC Management Committee in accordance with the SBSC Constitution; and (b) my successful application and receipt of a positive notice for a Blue Card (Volunteer) in accordance with the SBSC Child Protection Policy, the Australian Sailing Child Safety Code of Conduct, Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening) Act 2000 and other relevant legislation. 
  2. I agree to abide by the SBSC Constitution, Sailing Instructions and any Notice of Race or other rules from time to time issued by SBSC and any Australian Sailing Policies adopted by SBSC from time to time as recorded on the SBSC web site.
  3. I acknowledge the provisions of the Privacy Act and agree that the information that I have provided is necessary for the objects of the Club.
  4. I acknowledge and agree that information may be disclosed to other like organizations Including Yachting Queensland and Australian Sailing and will only be used for the objects of the Club.
  5. I understand that I will be able to access my personal information.
  6. I consent to photographs and/or videos being taken of me or my children (if they are members of SBSC) during participation in sailing and associated sailing activities under the auspices of SBSC, and authorise SBSC to publish such photographs and/or videos for promotional or other sailing development and marketing purposes via the SBSC web site, social media or other communications media (newsletters etc) operated by SBSC without my further consent being obtained.  Further, I consent to SBSC using my name or my children's names when publishing race results or describing sailing activities in newsletters or other communications. I acknowledge that the names of my children (if they are members of SBSC) or my name (if I am under 18 years of age) will not be associated with photographs and/or videos published by SBSC unless SBSC obtains my written consent. If I do not consent to the taking and publishing of images of myself or my children or for SBSC to use my name or my children’s names when publishing race results etc I will advise the SBSC Membership Secretary via the SBSC web site contact page before proceeding with an application for membership with SBSC. 
  7. I can swim 25 metres.
  8. I recognise that SBSC is a non-profit organisation based solely on volunteer effort and that, as a member of the Club, I am expected to volunteer for some of its support roles. 
  9. I will learn about the operations of the club from information provided and/or from discussions with current members, and will offer to contribute where my skills and lifestyle best fit with club needs.
  10. I acknowledge that my participation in SBSC activities is at my own risk and I hereby release SBSC, it’s members officers, servants and agents from any and all claims, costs, and demands whatsoever and howsoever arising from my participation.
  11. Except where provided or required by Law and it cannot be excluded, I agree that SBSC is absolved from all liability for any injury to me (whether fatal or otherwise) or any damage to my property (except for willful damage) resulting from my participation in any SBSC activity.
  12. In consideration of SBSC accepting this application, I (a) release and forever discharge SBSC from all claims that I may have or may have had but for this release arising from or in connection with my participation in any SBSC activity; and (b) indemnify and hold harmless SBSC to the extent permitted by law in respect of any claim by any person against SBSC or any members officers, servants or agents acting for SBSC arising as a result of or in connection with my participation in any SBSC activity whilst I am participating or at any time thereafter.
  13. I declare that I am and must continue to be medically and physically fit and able to participate in any SBSC activity.
  14. I am not and must not be a danger to myself or to the health and safety of others. I will immediately notify SBSC in writing of any change to my fitness and ability to participate.
  15. I understand and accept that SBSC will continue to rely on this declaration as evidence of my fitness and ability to participate and I shall abstain from drinking alcohol, smoking or being adversely affected by drugs while at SBSC training sessions or during any competition.
  16. I acknowledge that I have been warned that, regardless of the precautions, which might be taken by reasonable and experienced persons, sailing can be a dangerous pursuit, that I may be exposed to significant risk of property damage, physical harm and possibly death, and that river sailing also has an increased risk from ferries and other ships and boats in confined waters.