Adult classes

Start Sailing 1 and Start Sailing 2 (combined)

  • Have fun and make new friends by enrolling in our Beginner-level sailing course at SBSC.
  • You will learn and practice the fundamentals of sailing that will allow you to grow into a competent and confident sailor. 
  • Our Adult Sailing Instructors have many years of experience in teaching to sail on the Brisbane River, and have competed in State and National Championships.
  • The club’s beginner level program is an official Australian Sailing Start Sailing course (Start Sailing 1 and Start Sailing 2).
  • Participants who successfully complete the course will receive an Australian Sailing accredited certificate.

Our beginner level classes covering the Australian Sailing (Start Sailing 1 and Start Sailing 2) are offered as a package of 10 weeks on Saturday mornings.

  • In Start Sailing 1 (weeks 1 to 5) you will learn the basics of sailing including: how to rig your boat, safe sailing practice, how to use sails and steer a sailing dinghy at different points of sailing, and fundamental seamanship skills about the weather and knots. You will be on the water most weeks and learn how to safely right a boat after a capsize.  
  • In Start Sailing 2 (weeks 6 to 10) you will practice and apply skills learned in the first 5 weeks including refined tacking and gybing, weight placement and sailing between marks.

By the completion of the course, you will be proficient in boat terminology, able to rig independently, and able to safely sail at all points of sailing in light conditions.  

You are eligible for a Free Discover Sailing Experience before you commence your LTS classes (September only)

Better Sailing

A course for students who have mastered all the skills at Start Sailing 2. Sailors in Better Sailing will continue to improve their boat handling skills, learn and practice boat handling and skills necessary to participate on a race course. 

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  • Please refer to our Whats On page for full details on upcoming classes.

Class Times

Learn to Sail classes are held on Saturdays at following times:

  • Start Sailing 1 and Start Sailing 2 (Session A): 9:00am - 10:45am OR
  • Start Sailing 1 and Start Sailing 2 (Session B): 11:00am - 12:45pm (September only)
  • Better Sailing (Session C): 2:00pm-3:45pm)


  • Start Sailing 1 and 2: $590.00 for 10 weeks*, minus any applicable discounts.
  • Better Sailing: $195 for 5 weeks, minus any applicable discounts.

* This course fee also covers the cost of your SBSC annual membership. 


  • 33% discount for second and successive family members OR
  • 33% discount for Concessional members
  • For more information see our Learn to Sail Discounts


Because dinghy sailing can be physically demanding, you do need to be fit and agile. This includes:

  • ability to swim 50m
  • sufficient upper body strength to pull yourself out of a swimming pool without assistance
  • good balance and agility.

Refund Policy

  • Full refund for any full course if seven (7) days notice is provided.
  • Full refund or make-up classes provided if a block of classes or any individual class is cancelled by SBSC due to weather etc.
  • Full refund after you complete your Discover Sailing Experience if you decide that river sailing is not for you!

Type of boat

  • You will learn to sail in a Heron. The Heron is a two person dinghy sailed in all states of Australia.  
  • The Heron offers a safe entry-level sailing experience and provides an ongoing challenge for experienced sailors who are seeking to optimise performance.

How to enrol