Types of boats

Classes of boats sailed at SBSC include:


  • A popular family racing dinghy with a high level of stability ideally suited to river sailing sailed by beginners through to advanced levels.band-and-wife or parent-and-child crew.
  • The Heron has two sails (a mainsail and a jib) and is designed for a combined crew weight of around 140kg.


  • A 14-foot (4.3m) high performance class.
  • It is ideal for river sailing by a an agile and experienced two-person crew.


  • A very popular single-hander Olympic class dinghy sailed by one person.
  • It can be sailed a smaller 4.7 rigs, a medium size radial rigs or standard rig.


  • A 14-foot (4.3 m) 2 person sailing dinghy with a mainsail and jib.
  • It is ideally sailed by a 2-person adult or youth crew.

Open Skiff (Bic) 

  • A fun agile single hander boat ideal for 10-14 year olds.


  • A great family boat also favoured for general or team racing by youth or adult sailors.
  • It is very stable and ideal for learning to sail by beginners and youth.