Blue Card Policy

Blue Card Policy

South Brisbane Sailing Club is commited to implementing Australian Sailing's Child Safety Code of Conduct and to full compliance with Queensland's Blue Card System

Members who require a Blue Card

All adult members of SBSC require a Blue Card that is linked to SBSC including:

  • any adult member working or volunteering at SBSC with children under 18 years of age,
  • any adult member of our Learn to Sail team,
  • any adult member of our Race Management Team,
  • any adult member of our Management Committee and
  • any other adult member of SBSC. 

Any youth member of SBSC under the age of 18 involved in the delivery of our Junior Learn to Sail program is also required to have a Blue Card that is linked to SBSC. 

Members who do NOT require a Blue Card

Any youth member of SBSC under the age of 18 not involved in the delivery of our Junior Learn to Sail program is not required to have a Blue Card linked to SBSC. 

How to apply for a Blue Card?

If you are a member of SBSC and fall into one of the above categories, you can:

1. Go to, to apply for an on-line account. Click on ‘Apply now’, and follow the prompts.

2. Send your Blue Card Account Number to the SBSC Child Safety Officer via our Contacts Page

3. SBSC will link your account to the SBSC Blue Card Portal.

4. You will be notified via SMS or email by Blue Card Services that you have been successfully linked to SBSC.

5. You can now complete and submit your online application for a volunteer blue card.

6. Blue Card Services receives and processes your application. Most online applications should be processed within five business days.

7. Blue Card Services notifies you and SBSC of the outcome of your application.

Taking and publishing images of children

SBSC recognises that there is a risk that images of children (incl photographs and video) who are members of SBSC may be used inappropriately or illegally and will take all reasonable measures to prevent illegal or inappropriate taking or sharing of photographs of children who are members of SBSC.

  • SBSC will request all members, including the parent or guardian of any child for consent to take and publish images taken during their participation in sailing and associated sailing activities at SBSC when the person applies to become a member of SBSC.  
  • SBSC will make every reasonable effort to ensure that images of any member or the members child are not taken or published if the member requests that their image or their child’s image are not taken or published. 
  • Members will be advised via club newsletters and publishing of this policy on the SBSC web site that their images may be published on the SBSC web site, social media operated by SBSC and other communications media (e.g. newsletters). 
  • SBSC will monitor the club’s web site, social media operated by SBSC and other communications media (e.g. newsletters) and ensure that every reasonable effort is made to ensure that all published images complies with this policy.
  • SBSC will take every reasonable effort to delete any images photographs or videos that do not comply with this policy as soon as they come to the attention of an authorized SBSC official.
  • SBSC does not allow any members or visitors to use camera phones, videos or cameras inside changing areas, showers and toilets at the SBSC facility. 
  • When publishing images of a child, SBSC will not name or identify the child or publish personal information, such as residential address, email address or telephone number, without the consent of the child’s parent/guardian. We will not provide information about a child’s hobbies, interests, school or the like. 
  • SBSC will only use images of children that are relevant to our sport and we will ensure that they are suitably clothed in a manner that promotes participation in the sport. 
  • SBSC will not publish images of any child if the parent or guardian of that child requests that their child’s image is not published on the SBSC web site or social media operated by SBSC and other communications media (e.g. newsletters).