Notice of Race

2017–18 Sailing Season

Notice of Race

South Brisbane Sailing Club

Applicable to all Club Races and Sailing Events between

September 2017 and April 2018

On the Milton and St Lucia Reaches of the Brisbane River






This Notice of Race has been prepared in accordance with the South Brisbane Sailing Club Sailing Instructions Clause 20 (a) and (b).


  1. RULES

All races are governed by:

1.1             The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2013-2016 as adopted by Yachting Australia.

1.2             The South Brisbane Sailing Club Sailing Instructions (June 2016).

1.3             This Notice of Race.

1.4             Where there is any conflict between this Notice of Race, the South Brisbane Sailing Club Sailing Instructions (July 2017) and RRS, this Notice of Race and then the South Brisbane Sailing Club Sailing Instructions take precedence.

2                ADVERTISING

2.1             Boats are not required to display advertising.

3                ELIGIBILITY AND ENTRY

3.1             Races are open to boats of the following classes.

  • 13’ skiff, NS14, Tasar, Laser, Heron, Pacer
  • Or any other monohull dinghy up to 5 meters

3.2             To enter a boat in a race, the skipper must be a member of the South Brisbane Sailing Club (including temporary members) or a member of another Sailing Club.

3.3             Visiting boats are welcome to participate in up to 3 races as temporary members, after which they must become full members.

3.4             Eligible boats may register to sail by recording their intention to race on the SBSC Race Entry sheet available at the SBSC Club House before the conclusion of the race briefing.

3.5             Attendance of the Race Briefing by the Skipper is compulsory.

3.6             The skipper and boat shall constitute the basis of an entry

3.7             The boat must have a valid sail number.


3.9             The skipper or delegate must sign-on for the event on sign-on sheet before each race, recording the name of the crew if applicable. Sign-off should be performed as soon as possible after each race.

                  Failure to sign off within an hour of returning to club house will be deemed as not finishing the race, and a DNF will be recorded as their race result.


4.1             Required race fees are as follows:

Type Race fee Note
Casual race entry $12.00 per race Including visitors
Season entry $240.00
Hire boats Nil Race fee included in hire cost

5.1             Boats will compete in three Divisions according to their class, age, fitness and skill level as indicated below or as determined by the pre-race Officer of the Day.

Division Class Skipper skill
1 13’ skiff, NS14, Tasar, Laser or boats with VYC rating of less than 120 Experienced Skippers
2 Heron, Pacer or boats with a VYC rating of greater than 120 Experienced Skippers
3 Any class Novice, skippers or masters skippers over 50 not wishing to compete in Division 1 or Division 2, as confirmed by the Sailing Committee

5.2             Division 3 is primarily a training fleet for novice sailors. It provides an avenue for sailing school students and other novice or master sailors over 50 to participate in the regular SBSC Saturday afternoon sailing program. It gives an opportunity for these sailors to further develop their skills, having confidence that SBSC members and sailors understand they have limited knowledge of the RRS and/or boat handling skills. Division 3 sailors can receive tips and advice from competent sailors in other sailing boats or support boats during the race.


6.1             Four race series will be conducted during the 2017-18 Sailing Season.

Series Name Dates Number of Heats Scoring Winners Recorded
Club Championship 9 Sep 2017, 7 Oct 2017, 28 Oct 2017, 25 Nov 2017, 10 Feb 2018

(resail if needed 24 Feb 2018, 10 Mar 2018)

5 Yes Yes
Women’s Championship 17 Mar 2018, 24 Mar 2018, 21 April 2018 3 Yes Yes
Social Racing 2 Sep 2017 – 14 Apr 2018 13 Yes Yes
Fun sailing 16 Sep 2017 – 28 Apr 2018 8 No Yes

7.1             Dates of racing and corresponding series are listed below.

Race No Date Series Event / Comment
1 2 Sep 2017 Social racing Social Series Heat 1 (TTR)

Wine and Cheese

2 9 Sep 2017 Championship Championship Heat 1
3 16 Sep 2017 Fun sailing * Talk Like a Pirate Fun Sail (TTR) (school)
4 23 Sep 2017 Social racing Social Series Heat 2 (TTR) (school hols)
5 30 Sep 2017 Social racing Brisbane River Regatta
6 7 Oct 2017 Championship Championship Heat 2

Wine and Cheese +

Mini-presentation ceremony

7 14 Oct 2017 Social racing Social Series Heat 3 (TTR)

* Past Officials Memorial Race

8 21 Oct 2017 Fun sailing * Team Race
9 28 Oct 2017 Championship Championship Heat 3
10 4 Nov 2017 Fun sailing * Handicap Start

Wine and Cheese

11 11 Nov 2017 Social racing Social Series Heat 4 (TTR)
12 18 Nov 2017 Social racing Social Series Heat 5 (TTR)

Nose and Tail (Laser Invitation

13 25 Nov 2017 Championship Championship Heat 4
14 2 Dec 2017 Fun sailing * Bring a Friend Sailing (TTR)

Wine and Cheers

15 9 Dec 2017 Fun sailing * Bridge to Bridge Sail (School holidays)

Wine and Cheese

16 16 Dec 2017 Social racing Social Series Heat 6 (TTR) (School hols)
—– —– Christmas Break —–
18 3 Feb 2018 Social racing Social Series Heat 8

Wine and Cheese

19 10 Feb 2018 Championship Championship Heat 5
20 17 Feb 2018 Social racing Social Series Heat 9
21 24 Feb 2018 Social racing Championship Heat Resail (if needed)

Social Series Heat 10

22 3 Mar 2018 Social racing Social Series Heat 11

Wine and Cheese

23 10 Mar 2018 Social racing Championship Heat Resail (if needed)

Social Series Heat 12

24 17 Mar 2018 Women’s Championship Women’s Championship Heat 1
25 24 Mar 2018 Women’s Championship Women’s Championship Heat 2
—– —– Easter 30 Mar to 2 Apr              —–
26 7 Apr 2018 Fun sailing * Handicap start (School hols)
27 14 Apr 2018 Social racing Social Series Heat 13 (School hols)
28 21 Apr 2018 Women’s Championship Heat 3
29 28 Apr 2018 Fun sailing * Clean Up the River

Wine and Cheese



9.1             Sailing instructions will be available on the Club Noticeboard and on the SBSC Club Website at

9.2             The finishing time of each boat will be adjusted by applying the following Yardstick to calculate an adjusted time and used to determine the race position and points for the race, as per SBSC Sailing Instructions 14 b), c), d), e).

Class Yardstick Note
13’ Skiff
NS14 108
Tasar 108
Laser Standard 114
Laser Radial 118.5
Pacer with spinnaker 123.5 127.5 – (127.5 x 3.1%)
Pacer without spinnaker 127.5
Heron 145



10.1           The SBSC Clubhouse is located at 68 Hill End Terrace, West End, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

10.2           The Race Area is the Milton, Toowong, and St Lucia reaches of the Brisbane River. All boats will enter the water via boat ramp at the SBSC Club House.


11.1           Courses for each race will be set and advised by the pre-race Officer of the Day at the Race Briefing.

11.2           The first start will be at 2.30pm, except on days when the SBSC Learn to Sail program takes place in the morning. On these days, races may start at 3pm, at the discretion of the Pre-Race Officer of the Day.

11.3           Where 16 or more boats are registered for Division 1 and Division 2 combined, Division 2 will start exactly 5 minutes after Division 1, or as advised by the pre-race Officer of the Day at the Race Briefing.


11.5           The usual start sequences if starting at 2.30pm are as follows:


12.1           The penalties are as per SBSC Sailing Instructions section 15.


13.1           The scoring system is the Standard Low Points as set out in Racing Rules of Sailing Appendix A 4.1 with modifications as set out in the SBSC Sailing Instructions Section 14. In summary,

  • First place receives 1 point
  • Second place receives 2 points
  • Third place receives 3 points
  • Fourth place receives 4 points
  • All subsequent places receive one (1) additional point per place

13.2           Series points and handicaps will follow the skipper X yardstick class as per SBSC Sailing Instructions 14 d).

13.3           Race points for the worst place of each competing skipper X yardstick class within each series will be discarded from their aggregate points score as indicated below.

Series Name Number of Heats Number of races where points are discarded
Club Championship 5 1
Women’s Championship 3 1
Social Series 13 5

13.3           Scratch times and positions will be recorded for races in the Fun series but points will not be accumulated across the season or used to calculate handicaps.



14.1           Skipper handicaps for each skipper and yardstick class for the start of the 2016-17 season are carried over from race results over from the 2015-16 season and are available from the on-line race results page.

14.2           The handicap for any skipper who has not previously sailed in a particular yardstick class at the South Brisbane Sailing Club will be set at 1.00.

14.3           Each skippers’ handicap for a yardstick class will carry over from season to the next, and from one series to the next series (e.g. handicaps accumulated for Social Series will carry across to determine handicaps used during the Club Championship series).


15.1           All club members are eligible to sail in the Club Championship or Women’s Championship.

15.2           Boats competing in the Women’s Championship must be skippered by a female, but may be crewed by a person of any gender.

                  NOTE: A separate race will be conducted on days of the Women’s Championship for boats skippered by males, commencing 5 minutes after the start of the Women’s Championship.


16.1           Club Championship prizes will be awarded to winners as per SBSC Sailing Instructions Section 8:

Alternate (1)

Alternate (2)

16.2           Women’s Championship award will be given to

  • First, second and third place as per SBSC Sailing Instructions Section 8

16.3           Junior Championship:

Alternate 1: A Junior Champion award will be given to the most accomplished junior sailor of the season (i.e. skipper or crew, 16 years and under), who has competed in Div 1, 2 or 3, based on performance across all race series and at the discretion of the Commodore.

Alternate 2: Junior Champion awards will be given to:

16.4           The JMH Perpetual Trophy will be awarded by the Commodore to a deserving club member/s at their discretion.

16.5           The Tristram Shield will be awarded to the line winner of the annual joint handicap race with the Oxley Sailing Club.

16.6           The Nose and Tail trophy will be awarded to the winning Laser of the annual joint handicap race with the Oxley Sailing Club.

16.7           The Brisbane River Regatta trophy will be awarded to the first across the line winner of the class handicap race.


17.1           Competitors participate in races do so entirely at their own risk. See rule 4, Decision to Race. The South Brisbane Sailing does not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after any race.


                  For further information, please contact the SBSC Race Secretary at or SBSC Enquiries

19       APPROVAL

This Notice of Race is endorsed by the SBSC Sailing Committee, as listed below:

  • Nev Murray (Commodore),
  • Trevor Nobbs (Vice Commodore),
  • Andrew Verrall (Rear Commodore),
  • Robert Preston (Race Secretary),
  • Yvonne Nobbs (Starter),
  • Margot Henry (Timekeeper),
  • Rob Henry (Division 1 Representative),