Scuttlebutt 20160213

What is happening around the Club?

·        A quiet week – sort of.

·        Once again, Alan & Carol forewent their sailing to go out in the rescue boat.  This left Carol on the water with both her & the club’s cameras.  Thanks for all the great shots. As a matter in interest, so far this season, there have been 1692 photos taken of racing.  If we show them for 15 seconds each at Presentation Night, the evening would last for 7 hours.  …. and we are not even at the end of the season!  

·        Trevor & I went to the Club on Thursday to meet with G.J. James Glass. They have advised that we do not have to alter the height of our window sill to meet current building requirements.  We are hoping for under $10,000 by the time tinting is done.

·        Trevor & Nev have also been working towards replacing the existing outboard motors. We will get the largest 4-stroke motor allowed for the cheap nfl jerseys hull length & stern rating.  Ayisha will then formulate this as a grant application on behalf of the club.

·        Norma – our neighbour from across the road has been putting out our rubbish bins for twenty throwback nba jerseys years.  Unfortunately, these are now getting to heavy for her, and we have had to make alternate arrangements.   Steph is going to invite her to our next wine and cheese event (Feb 27th), where we will formally thank her.

·        While on the topic of departing supporters, our local Councillor for many, many years, Helen Abrahams will not be recontesting her seat in the up-coming elections.  She has been an avid supporter of our club over the years.

·        There is some discussion about holding a working bee in the off-season.  Details are sketchy at this point, but the thoughts are to clean the “unwanted treasures” out from under the club, plus do some landscaping to remove the uneven parts of the yard.     ….. And if time permits, finish the proto-type of the racking system.

·        Wet-suit boots – can we request that no wet-boots be worn inside the clubhouse.  They make a mess of the floor that has to be cleaned.

·        There was also some discussion from a couple of members about sailing on both reaches of the river.  It is planned; it just has to be the right day.

·        Week 2 of TTR – went off without a hitch. Next week will be the first of the theory lectures.  These are open to all members & commence at 12pm

·        Due to the number of members coming and sailing, next week Mary Ann will recommence having lunch available at the Club.

·        Heads up: Trevor and Yvonne are not available for the following races: March 12, March 19, April 2, April 9.  So we will be looking for volunteers to man the support boats.

·        As you all know, when registering to race, you have to put down your level of experience, unlike the Race Secretary who only got beaten by seconds by Nev Murray, I have had to resign my defeats down to “ oh, it was only 2 minutes”.  Accordingly, when submitting my racings credentials for last week-end’s racing, I said I had a little experience.  The following is the race secretary’s response.  He may be open to bribes though. Just beware!!


Dear Mr S. Fletcher


Our friendly boat hire booking system has detected that your stated experience level on your recent race registration may not be sufficient to qualify for sailing tomorrow or ever again. We are very sorry about that, but management has decreed that only after completing a 200 page formal written sailing test, 10 very long sailing theory sessions, and after capsizing and righting a boat with one arm tied behind your back 10 times in quick succession will your application be eligible for reconsideration by our newly formed Sailor Competency Panel. After that they will still ponder endlessly and may submit your application to the El Supremo Committee.


Any complaining will not be tolerated and if caught mumbling about it, you will require to sail a sabot for the next 10 years.


The Sailing Prefect




Breeze:                East / South East /Westerly  – 5-12 knots St Lucia Reach

Tide:                     Ebb tide

Course:                Div 1 – 3 laps Course

Div 2 – 2 laps Course

Fleet:     Division 1:  6 Lasers, 5 NS14s, 2 Tasars

               Division 2:  2 Herons, 6 Pacers, 1 kelpie


Our fleets are getting bigger – this is great news. A couple of times during the afternoon, I could visualize the CityCat skippers, thinking “how am I going to get through this lot?  Keeping this in mind –YOU need to keep an eye out for the Cats, as they have right of way.


It was an interesting race.  That was last week’s comment, so I cannot really repeat it. I had to resort to the Thesaurus to come up with an alternate word. Alluring (nope), attractive (nope), compelling (mmmm), fascinating (definitely with some of the wind shifts), pleasing (definitely not – unless you managed to score one of those wind shifts), exceptional (do not think so), stimulating (maybe).


It was a thought-provoking race. I chatted with a number of the skippers after the race.  One commented that he/she/it started talking to themselves (quoting Lleyton “C’mon”) and even swearing; another told me that he/she/it would be going home to wash their mouth out fake oakleys with soap.  It was one of those types of days. Exhilarating but frustrating.


The race started with a great breeze, and fortunately the start was captured perfectly by Rob Graham. I could go into describing the start, but the picture explains it perfectly.  I will point out that there was a definite port end bias, and only two boats took advantage of that.  One on purpose, and us (by mistake).


Once again, I can only comment on the Division 1 boats that were near us, but if any of the Division 2 boats want to start by adding to this newsletter, please let me know.  There was “an incident” between Adam (in a laser) & I on the first work. He was on the bank & called for water (not sure if I heard that or not), he tacked, And I came through thinking he could pull behind us & called starboard.  Later discussions reveal that he could not pull behind us.  Sorry Adam, owe you a drink.  Other than that, the first work to windward was pretty even. We just managed to get around the top mark in front.  Once again in writing this newsletter I have had to resort to Google to find a name for a collection e.g. a murder of crows.  Could not find one for a collection of lasers, so I had to make one up.  Behind us at the windward mark was a “pest” (Adam, Ryan, James, Robert) of lasers, with Sarah in the mix.


As the race developed, the top three boats (Adam, Ryan & Us) moved away from the fleet – probably utilizing the breeze better, or simply they were lucky.  Gaps between the three contracted and expanded on each lift or shift.


I should point out that Ryan was not planning to finish the race, as he was going to a party.  Why did he hang around and sail the entire race?  Surely not because he was in contention of winning the race?


The last work to windward decided the results. We had opened up a VYC winning lead, when we arrived at the parking lot near the top mark.  After a while, the breeze swung to the west – with some pressure, which now meant that the fleet were now running and not tacking. There was a real scenario that fastest course time would be taken out by Ryan, but fortunately for us, the breeze reverted back to the south-east, allowing us to sneak home. On VYC corrected time, Ryan & Adam both beats us.


On handicap, Sam & Rob in Doctor Who took out the handicap for the second week in a row.  Can they make it three?


Race Secretary Update

Race Results

The new Club Ops race scoring system is coming along well thanks to help from Sharyn Johnson who entered results recorded by ‘last minute’ finishers Robert Graham and Paul Hamilton. For those watching your progress and that of other boats across the season, here are some interesting results on the board.

… You will have noticed that Sam and Rob Henry scored another 1st on handicap in Div 1. Well done guys!

… Also in Div 1 Adam Humphries was 2nd in a Club Laser after quite a break from sailing in this class. Only 18 seconds behind Ryan Nobbs in first place! You may have noticed Adam’s name in gold letters on one of the championship boards so we are pleased to see he has not lost his touch.

… And in Division wholesale nfl jerseys 2 club newcomers Murray and Kaitlyn Adams managed to score beat Ari Ri by a corrected time (taking into account Yardstick) by 23 seconds after Mary-Ann experienced some rudder problems. I wonder if Murray where Murray has sailed before?

View all SBSC Race Results here >

TTR Sailing Theory – Eddies & Currents – 12.00-12.45pm Sat 20 Feb

Those of you fortunate to have sailed on Saturday would have been occasionally flummoxed by the strong ebb tide on our way to the windward mark. But even more worrying was the question of why some boats make easy headway against the current and others did not.

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On the second week of Transition to Racing (TTR) this Saturday 20th Feb 2016 one of our experienced sailors Mary-Anne Pattison will share some of the River’s secrets with TTR participants.

These sessions are also open to ALL club members so please come along. The session will start at 12pm so please arrive a few minutes early!


Coming Events

20-Feb:  12pm TTR theory – Eddies & Currents

   3pm start Fun Racing

27-Feb:   3pm start Fun Racing

  Wine & Cheese after racing

05-Mar:  12pm TTR Theory – Wind and Weather

    3pm Fun Racing

19-Mar:  12pm TTR theory – Eddies & Currents (repeat)

                   3pm Fun Racing

02-Apr :  12pm TTR theory – Wind & Weather (repeat)

    3pm Fun Racing

16-Apr : 12pm TTR theory – Basic Racing & Rules


Important Times

  • Friday      6:00pm: Pre-Race registration closes, if possible
  • Saturday 1:00pm: Boat hirers should cheap jerseys from china be at Club
  • Saturday 1:30pm: Race Registration closes. (after this you cannot compete in a race)


Need a crew?

Put an “advert” on Facebook



Please be reminded that when packing the club boats away after sailing, ensure that all sails and equipment that belongs to that boat are put inside it so it keeps everything all together. Also don’t leave until your boat has been put away.  Make sure you put the sails etc into the correct bags when packing away.

Volunteers – Last week 13 Feb

Taffy         :  David Sherwood, Megan Nobbs & Will Swainston (Dave’s nephew)

Abedare  :  Carol & Allan Clark

Finishing  :  Rob Graham, Paul Hamilton,  & Byron James-Adams

Volunteers – Next week 20 Feb

Taffy         :     Yvonne & Trevor Nobbs

Abedare  :  ??

Finishing  :  ??




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