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What is happening around the Club?

·        My attempts to get all the masts for each class stored in their bay did not work out due to not having the right size Copaq beams to support them.  A work in progress. We did however find that there is insufficient space to store two Pacers on their trolleys, with a mast beam.  So, i suppose it is a step forward.

·        Either all of you are not interested in the pictures taken each week, or you have worked out a way-around.  I had to use the PDF version to view the pictures and found that it did not work.  I will work on a solution.

·        Mary Ann presented a lecture on tides and eddies.  I would have thought it would have been packed with newer members. It was a very interesting talk, and the students got to play with magic sand.  This talk will be repeated on March 19th.  I suggest you make the effort – definitely worthwhile.

<span hockey jerseys style=’mso-list:Ignore’>·        While the rest of the season has seen Club boats under the Clubhouse during racing.  The last few weeks have seen most boats out – particularly all the lasers out sailing. The Committee will have to debate whether this is Wholesale China Jerseys a permanent trend where we need to acquire more boats.  If you are thinking of hiring a Pacer and miss out – consider a heron. Yes they are a bit slower, but they have a VYC advantage of generally about 7 minutes i.e. a Pacer has to beat a heron by about 5 minutes to beat it on corrected time after the yardstick is applied.

·        To alleviate some of the pain in getting boat registration across to the race system, we are requesting everyone register for racing by Friday night; at worst 10am on Saturday

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Breeze:                North East   – 8-12 knots Milton Reach

Tide:                     Ebb tide

Course:                Div 1 – 4 laps Course

Div 2 – 4 laps Course

Fleet:     Division 1:  4 Lasers, 4 NS14s, 5 Tasars

               Division 2:  2 Herons, 6 Pacers



Week 2 of the Transition to Racing course, and I crewed with Oscar, who informs me that he has not attended any training classes – simply picked it up by crewing with his mate – a fellow State Higher.


Being a bit bigger than normal crews, we were never overpowered.  The Division1 fleet certainly looked like it was a reasonably hard day at the office.  Hard – but enjoyable.


I assisted Oscar in winning the start (how come I cannot do that when I am skippering?)  We were on the leeward end of the line and going fast.  Unfortunately, there were lots of lasers, NS14s & Tasars going faster. For the newbies – as you go faster, you create your own breeze.  This allowed a laser to push us up almost to the point of stalling.


I mentioned this to Mary Ann & Murray.  They had differing opinions. One liked a start cheap jordans with lots of boats, the other would like a more fleet oriented start.  Feedback to the sailing committee via Yvonne please.  Would the Division 2 fleet prefer to start separately to the Division 1 fleet.  


In the Division 2 fleet, Murray and Elsie (this week) proved that last week’s efforts were not a one-off.  They cleared off and won by a huge margin; but one second not good enough.  Mary Ann won the race by 1 second after the VYC was applied.


In the actual race, Stephanie, Mary Ann, Devi & Oscar had a great race with the margins changing all through-out the race. Ultimately Stephanie was too good for the rest of the pacers.  The race between Devi & Oscar got very tactical towards the end, with Devi eventually getting the upper hand.


From what I saw of the Division 1 fleet, it was a very competitive race. Nev cleared off leaving James, Michael, Andrew and Adam to battle it out around the course.  One mistake was all it took to lose a place.  James took out fastest times after the VYC was applied.


What was whispered to me?

·        The race secretary recovered from a capsize when the support boat was near.   “That was number 5” was his comment.

·        One of our more experienced sailors managed to run aground. Maybe he/she should have been at Mary Ann’s talk.

·        One of the pacer nearly sunk as it took on a lot of water, not sure if a crack or loss bung. Luckily it was low tide and it could be towed to a small sandy beach to drain. Then it sailed back to the club.

·        A very disappointed Adam & Bethany. They were running second when their mainsheet pulley broke and could not be jury-rigged to finish the race.  Back to shore; a quick trip to Whitworths to make sure they could compete down the bay the following day. Adam advised that cheap jerseys the rake in Cheap NFL Jerseys his boat was incorrect, and correcting this led to them being a lot faster.


Coming Events

27-Feb:   3pm start Fun Racing

  Wine & Cheese after racing

05-Mar:  12pm TTR Theory – Wind and Weather

    3pm Fun Racing

19-Mar:  12pm TTR theory – Eddies & Currents (repeat)

                   3pm Fun Racing

02-Apr :  12pm TTR theory – Wind & Weather (repeat)

    3pm Fun Racing

16-Apr : 12pm TTR theory – Basic Racing & Rules


Important Times

  • Friday      6:00pm: Pre-Race registration closes, if possible
  • Saturday 10:00am: Race Registration closes


Need a crew?

Put an “advert” on Facebook



Please be reminded that when packing the club boats away after sailing, ensure that all sails and equipment that belongs to that boat are put inside it so it keeps everything all together. Also don’t leave until your boat has been put away.  Make sure you put the sails etc into the correct bags when packing away.

Volunteers – Last week 20 Feb

Taffy         :  Yvonne & Trevor Nobbs

Abedare  :  Rob Graham, Byron James Adams

Finishing  :  from Abedare

Volunteers – Next week 27 Feb

Taffy         :     Yvonne & Trevor Nobbs

Abedare  :  ??

Finishing  :  ??



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