Scuttlebutt 20160910

What is happening around the Club?

  • As I have reported earlier, State High will recommence their sailing program based at our Club. They will sail each Tuesday and Wednesday during term 4.  On Fridays, one of Brisbane’s best kept secret is getting out.  The after-school sailing was originally just the State High students. It is now a mixture of students from various schools, where they come and sail to improve their techniques.  The Club has benefited from our involvement with State High with a number of the students moving to Saturday racing.  Devi has proved to be a very capable skipper – challenging frequently for a finish on the “podium”; I am benefited with Bethany as crew. I can see both these young people being forces to reckon with in the sport ( if they decide to go down that path).   Twelve students were taken for a sail on Saturday to give them a tester of what is to come. We followed it up with a tasty – BBQ.
  • I was surprised with the young ones in my boat when talking to them about the sport.  Neither of them knew of Australia’s momentous win in the America’s Cup; or in fact anything about the America’s Cup.  The name Jessica Watson drew a blank look.
  • Articles in the sidebar I came across on the week-end
  • I thought I might trial a different approach with Scuttlebutt.  I will give a brief overview of what I saw, but invite members via Facebook to share what went right & what failed  to go to plan.
  • At the briefing, I shared with members a sad story, but a decision that will face us all at some point. While we may feel 21 inside our brain, our bodies argue that point.  It was with some reluctance, that Allan & Carol Clark felt they could no longer sail their tasar. They very generously donated the boat to the Club, so I hope to see both tasars out racing soon.  I also hope to see Allan & Carol on days that suit them out in a pacer.  The members applauded their generosity.
  • While the cat’s away …….  Yvonne could not make it to the Club on Saturday, but Trevor still came.  Next thing we see is Trevor putting on a PDF and he went sailing with!!  Good to see!
  • We had five lasers start (2 private, 3 club). We have the potential for another five boats in that fleet when you add Sue J-A, Sue B,Steph, Peter &  Devi, that is tending to a strong fleet …. and we still have 2 club lasers under the clubhouse. I know secretary Bill is interested in sailing one.
  • Five private NS14s were there to race.
  • The heron/pacer fleet is needing more boats out there

Weather Prediction: 

Breeze:                   North-Easterly with a chance of a storm
Tide:                         Flood Tide

How to describe Saturday?  Predicted storm. Nev arrived at the Club and said that it had disappeared from the radar.
As launch time approached, people started to perform their final checks before launching, when a definite rumbling was heard, the skies then opened up; racing delayed for 30 minutes.

30 minutes came and went and still the lightning & thunder.

Eventually, the sun started to show through, and then almost a clear sky; but there was another storm cell coming.  A very quick decision was made to abandon the first heat of the Club championship, as we may have to abandon racing with little forewarning.  So, we said lets just get out on the water and go for a sail.

“Will there be a start?” came the query.
“Do you want one?”

So, we had one start, a nice sail and no one was disadvantaged in the championship.  The boats that had good starts were Murray in the pacer & Nev in the Ns14.  There may have been good starts to windward of me.

Nev won divison 1 completing the course in twenty-four minutes. Murray winning division 2.

Nearly every boat was away, when the rain recommenced and a faint rumbling.

We want every boat to have a chance of winning the Club championship on equal terms.  That is the main reason for having all heats in the first half of the season; the breeze is more consistent regardless of strength. We hold two heats where we tack into the tide; two heats where we tack with the tide; and one heat on slack water.  The first heat will be rescheduled.

Membership Forms and fees are now due. You can get a form from the SBSC website.

Volunteers – Last week 10 September

Taffy          :    Bill Rochaix and Dave Sherwood
Abedare  :    Rob Graham and Allan Clark
Finishing  :  from support boat 1

Volunteers – Next week 17 September

Taffy          :   Rob Graham and Bill Rochaix
Abedare  :   Allan & Carol Clark
Finishing  :   Byron and Need volunteer

Some of the Important Dates to note in your diary etc.

17-Sep:  Transition to Racing (1)
24-Sep: Wine and Cheese for members and guests after racing
08-Oct: 10am General Meeting – All Welcome
Heat 2  Club Championship
15-Oct: Heat 3  Club Championship
29-Oct:                   Learn to Sail Week 1

Skipper needed – We have a member Anne who is keen to crew for someone. If you need a crew any weekend please let Yvonne know so I can contact Anne. Email