• Last updated: 17 Dec 2021

Restrictions for SBSC Sailing Activities 

  • Effective 5am Friday 17 Dec 2021 SBSC will continue all Sailing Activities with no restrictions on vaccinated and non-vaccinated members, with the exception that the SBSC Bar can only be used by fully vaccinated persons only. SBSC will continue collection of contact information of members and visitors participating in all Sailing Activities. SBSC encourages all memebers to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Restrictions on private use of the SBSC Community Hall

Queensland Health COVID Hotspots and Contact Tracing

Please check the latest list of COVID Hotspots and Contact Tracing before attending.

Protect yourself and those around you at SBSC

  1. If you are unwell or have visited a hotspot within the last 14 days, do not attend
  2. Register using the Check-in Qld app when you attend
  3. Practice social distancing when needed or wear a mask if needed
  4. Pratice good hygine

How to register?

All attendees entering the SBSC Field of Play must record their attendance using the Check In Queensland App

If you do not have the App one of our Check-In volunteers can do this for you.

Why is this information important?

When a person is diagnosed with COVID-19, the local public health unit commences contact tracing. Public health officers will assess the movements of the person with COVID-19 while they were infectious and determine who in community are considered ‘close contacts’.

That’s why it’s important to provide accurate contact information, so we can contact you if you are affected, helping us respond quickly and effectively to the spread of COVID-19 in the community, and to minimize potential for you to spread the disease to others.