2021 Brisbane Riverfire Sailing Regatta

2021 Brisbane Riverfire Sailing Regatta

Trophy Winners:

  • 1ST PLACE and WINNER of the 2021 Regatta Cup ""Purplexed"" sailed by James Fleming and Harry Fleming (Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron)"
  • 2ND PLACE "Jigshaw" sailed by Michael Wlison (Brisbane Sailing Squadron)
  • 3ND PLACE "Pigs in Space Too Too" sailed by Peter Mann and Eliza Mann (Brisbane Sailing Squadron)
  • WINNING CLUB: Brisbane Sailing Squadron represented by" Pigs in Space Too" sailed by Christopher Mann and Luke Johnson and "Jigsaw" sailed by Michael Wilson
  • WOMENS CHAMPION: "Silkie" sailed by Emily Dickson from Oxley Sailing Club
  • YOUTH CHAMPION: "Pigs in Space Too" sailed by Alexa Mann and Chris Mann

Race results:

  • 1 Purplexed 9699 (HERON) sailed by James Flemming and Harry Flemming (RQYS) 
  • 2 Jigsaw 216154-S (LASER) sailed by Michael Wilson (BSS)
  • 3 Pigs in Space Too Too 3201 (125) sailed by Peter Mann and Eliza Mann (BSS) 
  • 4 Jessica George 4656 (HERON) sailed by John Nobbs and Lydia Brumpton (SBSC) 
  • 5 Need for Speed 1829 (NS14) sailed by Adam Humphries and Lucinda Jones (SBSC) 
  • 6 Time Out 214420-R (LASER RADIAL) sailed by Jim Sloan (BSS) 
  • 7 Re-Run 145541-S (LASER STD) sailed by John Price (SBSC) 
  • 8 Lilac 2532 (TASAR) sailed by John Stannard and Spenser Kenkle (SBSC) 
  • 9 Good Vibes 575 (IMPULSE) sailed by Ricky Hoe (OSC) 
  • 10 Sapphire 634 (IMPULSE) sailed by Keith Briers (OSC)
  • 11 Pigs In Space Too 3198 (125) sailed by Alexa Mann and Chris Mann (BSS)
  • 12 TBA 217390-R (LASER RADIAL) sailed by Jack Riley (BSS)
  • 13 Earle Grey 7982 (505) sailed by Connor Eaton and Chris Eaton (OSC)
  • 14 Silkie 152889-S (LASER STD) sailed by Emily Dickson (OSC)
  • 15 Donney's Fiddle SBSC2 (HERON) sailed by Ben Jarvis and Phoebe Reedman (TVSC)
  • 16 Suttie 1010-1UP (HERON) sailed by Simone Dougherty (SBSC)
  • 17 Sea Banana 967 (HERON) sailed by Ethan Fomiatti and Raffael Fomiatti (SBSC)
  • 18 May Contain Nuts 641 (IMPULSE) sailed by Tony Slater (OSC)
  • 19 Egg Flip 98903-S (LASER STD) sailed by Phil Green (SBSC)
  • 20 Beam Me Up 167089-S (LASER STD) sailed by Doug Munro and (SBSC)
  • 21 Turnover 12260-S (LASER STD) sailed by Nigel Waterhouse (OSC)
  • 22 Free Spirit 1894 (NS14) sailed by Russ Holmes and Mia Becker-Holmes (SBSC)
  • 23 Kraken 1757 (NS14) sailed by Tim Daniel and Joshua Daniel (SBSC)
  • 24 Jones 522244-S (LASER STD) sailed by Ben Hamilton (SBSC)
  • 25 Fletcher P7 (PACER) sailed by Mark Salmon and Juliet Salmon (SBSC)
  • 26 Blue Boat 4 (PACER) sailed by James Collins and Dan Atherton (SBSC)
  • 27 Wade's Boot 8329 (MIRROR) sailed by Peter d'Abbs and Jeremy Harris (SBSC)