Scuttlebutt 30-Jan-2016

Scuttlebutt 30-Jan -2016

What is happening around the Club?

·        Visitors to the Club were greeted with the view of a custom jerseys new roof. Once you entered the hall, it was very apparent that the floor had also been varnished.

·        Since then, additional downpipes have been installed, and also an extractor fan.  This solar powered device will extract all the air out of the ceiling cavity in about 90 seconds.  This will lead to the hall being a lot cooler.

·        The Management team met on Saturday, and a number of important decisions were made. The primary one being that we will be self-funding the replacement of the windows.  These have advanced to the point that they are now considered a safety risk.  We had planned to apply for a grant to assist in the purchase.

·        The Council was contacted regarding a number of issues. 

o   The hole at the bottom of the ramp is to be filled.

o   Council appear as though they may pay or assist us with the repairs to our sewerage system

o   They are going to repair the area around the courtyard

·        The results from the survey are in. It appears we are doing most things right, but there are a number of areas that we can improve on. The committee will review & make recommendations for change where feasible.

·        We will be sending out another survey (please don’t groan! I can hear you here).  This one will have a specific topic – The Web Site.  We will be asking what you like about it; what you don’t like, and what you would like to see.  Sam will then use this as a catylst for the changes.

·        Due to study commitments, Holly has had to pass her role of Sailing School co-ordinator on. Alex has volunteered.

·        On February queda 3rd, the Sailing Committee is meeting to formulate some changes to the Sailing instructions; plan the second half racing; set dates for next season.  The changes to the sailing instructions will be made at a general meeting before racing.  You will be kept in the loop.

·        There was a meeting with Yachting Queensland on Thursday evening.  Besides all the other information being discussed, the representative from Brisbane Sailing Club said that their afternoon sea breezes were tending to be from the north rather than the usual Cheap NFL Jerseys China north-east.  It did remind me of a Club championship heat that caused Nev to lose a race.

·        We have made great advancements in the methods used to register for racing, hiring a boat.  Unfortunately in moving the boats registrations across to the race results system is time consuming.  So, in an effort to ease Robert’s load, we will revert to the sing-on/sign-off process to be in the books like we used to do.  This will mean you do not have to wait for Robert to finish his activities to sign-on.



A number of you probably looked at the weather, looked at the wind, and thought  – maybe I will give it  a miss today.  BIG MISTAKE!


Breeze:                North East8-12 knots Milton Reach

Tide:                     Ebb tide

Course:                Div 1 – 4 laps triangle Course

Div 2 – 3 laps triangle Course

Fleet:     Division 1:  3 Lasers, 5 NS14s, 1 Tasars

               Division 2:  0 Herons, 1 Pacers

Cruising  :   1 Heron, 1 Pacer

It was an interesting race.  The race started with about 8 knots and proceeded to build throughout the afternoon.   The wing mark was placed below the Toowong ferry stop, and if the breeze was right, you had a tight lead to the leeward mark. Nev and Adam won the start in the  Div.1 fleet, and there was some intense racing up the first work.  Intense racing with the also-rans; Nev having quickly cleared away from the fleet.


As we tacked before the race and up the first work, the comment about the northerly came back.  While Nev opted to run down the middle or more towards the northern bank, I opted to go for the southern bank. Unfortunately a lot of other boats did the same, thus losing a bit of the benefit.  This caught the fleet up a lot closer to Nev than they had been. Unfortunately, we lost any advantage when I forgot the mark I had rounded was the wing mark, not the leeward mark.  Had to cheap jerseys lose a lot of ground to round it.


Upwind again – he cleared away.  This work, both he & Megan start hiking together occasionally.  Downwind, mostly everyone ran on the southern side.  A few brave souls ran the northern bank with mixed success.


As the third work to windward had a lot more north-east in it, I opted to run up the northern bank.  This worked extremely well, except for the area as we approached the Toowong CityCat stop. Surprisingly no one followed us. We still opened up a large margin on the rest of the fleet.  Devi had sailed a really good race to this point.


Fourth lap – everyone was hiking as hard as they could, and even having to spill wind from their sails.  A lot of northerly in it, so all the fleet opted for the southern bank again.  This was a very fast run.  A lot of the laser fleet experienced trouble rounding the mark and running.  Prior to the windward work, Devi was potentially in the lead after yardstick.  The heavier breeze did not favour his light weight; a couple of capsizes later, his opportunity was lost. Sam however, sailed a very good race, and was rewarded with the handicap win.


Division 2 – As we only had one Pacer sailing the race they won it all. Congrat Alistair and Oscar, who had a bit of fun at the end with capsizing. Mary-Ann got to the club late and just went for a sail.<span Cheap Jerseys style=’font-size:9.0pt;font-family:”Verdana”,”sans-serif”‘>


Coming Events

06-Feb: Fun Racing

13-Feb: Fun Racing

20-Feb: Fun Racing

27-Feb: Wine & Cheese after racing


Important Times

  • Pre-Race registration closes 6pm Friday, if possible
  • Boat hirers should be at Club by 1pm
  • Race Registration closes 1:30pm (after this you cannot compete in a race)


Need a crew?

Put an “advert” on Facebook




Please be reminded that when packing the club boats away after sailing, ensure that all sails and equipment that belongs to that boat are put inside it so it keeps everything all together. Also don’t leave until your boat has been put away.  Make sure you put the Cheap china Jerseys sails etc into the correct bags when packing away.

Volunteers – Last week 30 Jan

Taffy        :  Trevor Nobbs, David Sherwood & Mike Thomas

Abedare : Yvonne Nobbs & Rob Graham & Jeremy Wright

Finishing :   Peter Robinson & Sue Bailey & Matthew Ray

Volunteers – Next week 06 Feb

Taffy         :     Trevor and Yvonne Nobbs

Abedare  :  Dave Sherwood & ??

Finishing  :  Margot Henry & ??



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