Junior classes

Learn to Sail Course for Juniors

Your child will have loads of fun learning to sail in one of the club's O'pen Skiffs. They can be sailed one-up (one person) or two-up (two people).

The course will allow your child between 8 yrs and 15 yrs to learn to sail a dinghy with confidence.  Our Learn to Sail course is an official Australian Sailing Start Sailing course. Participants who successfully complete the course will receive an Australian Sailing accredited certificate.

Our Sailing Instructors are qualified and have loads of experience sailing and teaching kids to sail at SBSC.
Training Levels

  • Start Sailing 1 (Beginner)

Our beginner course for compete beginners (8-15 yrs and under 65kg) will teach water safety, the basics of rigging, basic boat handling, and fundamental seamanship skills (weather, knots etc.). While sailing, participants will learn the basics of steering, trimming, and weight placement.  Also ideal for children 8-9 years who are continuing in Start Sailing 1. 

  • Start Sailing 2 (Sailing Skills and Fun)

A course for students (10-15 yrs and under 65kg) who have comfortably mastered the skills of our Start Sailing 1 course who want to learn more, have fun and practice their skills. By the completion of the course, sailors should be proficient in boat terminology, able to rig independently, and should be comfortable sailing all points of sail in winds of up to 10 knots.   

  • Better Sailing

A course for students (10-15 yrs) who have mastered all the skills at Start Sailing 2. In Better Sailing, young sailors will continue to improve their boat handling skills, learn and practice basic race strategy, develop their boat speed, boat handling, and tactical skills, and learn the skills necessary to participate on a race course and begin compete in club racing. Students can progress from O'Pen Skiff's into Laser 4.7's as they grow and become more confident.   


  • Please refer to our Whats On page for details on dates and times.

Class Times

  • Start Sailing 1 (Beginner)  9:00am - 10:45am Saturdays (O'pen Skiff)
  • Start Sailing 2 (Completed Start Sailing 1) 11:00am - 12:45pm Saturdays (O'pen Skiff)
  • Better Sailing (Completed Start Sailing 2) 11:00am - 12:45pm Saturdays (O'pen Skiff, Laser 4.7) 


  • Start Sailing 1 (Beginner or continuing 8-9 yrs and under 65kg)  (5  weeks) $195*
  • Start Sailing 2 (10-15 yrs and under 65kg who have completed SS1) (5 weeks) $195*
  • Better Sailing (10-15 yrs who have completed SS2) (5 weeks) $195*

* This fee also covers the cost of SBSC annual membership. 


  • 33% discount for second and successive Family members OR
  • 33% discount for Concessional members OR
  • 20% discount for members continuing in the same level 
  • 20% discount for Better Sailing if you use your own boat

Only one (1) Learn to Sail Discount is applicable.

Special Needs

  • Please advise our Learn to Sail Coordinator if your child has medical, physical, intellectual or other support needs before finalising your booking in this program as we have limited instructor capacity.

Refund Policy

  • Full refund for any full course if seven (7) days notice is provided.
  • Full refund or make-up classes provided if a block of classes or any individual class is cancelled by SBSC due to weather etc.

How to Enrol

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